Christians for Labor is a network of Christians of all denominations and traditions. Being a member means we can keep you up to date with updates and events, and help you connect with other like-minded members. Membership of the network is open to anyone who supports our goals and values, and there is no cost or other obligations.

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Most of the questions below are optional, and intended to help us understand and communicate with our membership. All information is stored confidentially.

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    As our membership grows, we will host events for regions and electorates. If you are interested in being notified of events near you, please enter your postcode below.
  • Church Affiliation

    This section is entirely optional, however it is helpful to identify what traditions, churches and regions are represented in CfL.
  • ALP Party Membership

    Membership of the ALP is not required to join CfL. However, it is helpful to know if you are a member.
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    Our website includes a members section that contains a growing list of resources, and allows you to update your details. To keep your details secure, please enter a password for your login.